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Name:Calvin Brighton
Birthdate:Mar 17, 1978
Location:California, United States of America

Call me Cal please.
Gender: Male. Age: 33 (1974). Height: 6'3.5". Build: Muscular. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Green.

For eleven years, Cal grew up as an only child. Then, his parents adopted a girl from India. She had a cleft lip, his parents took her to a doctor for that. It was a big interest to Cal, it was then the idea of fixing people like that became something he liked. As he got older, it was soemthing he wanted to do. He did well in high school, an odd time for him. Next was college and medical school.. He attended medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Cal completed his residency, with a fellowship in plastic surgery

Cal is just a man, single man that is, who enjoys life. He's been single, a complete flirt, playful guy. He can be cocky, arrogant, and sexual. He is a plastic surgeon at a top hospital. If he can help people feel good about themselves, or improve their lives, well then he'll do his best. You wont catch him in L.A banking off women who want bigger breast, and botox. Not that he's judging! Live your life for yourself, not for others.

He's a flirt, bisexual [if its important to anyone; it isn't to him] and smart. He's playful, it will be hard for you to get him to be serious. Once he is though, you'll know. He's laid back, likes drama free people, though it seems to find him. He's a well rounded guy, gives good advice. Cal is a very successful and competent plastic surgeon. He is skilled at delicate and complex reconstructive procedures, but also performs cosmetic procedures. His life is the hospital, and now that he's single, he'll try and balance. He's looking for someone now!
All about the man

Muse and mun are both over 18.

He's single as a main verse, single carefree, seeking thrills.

papa bear verse; With Jane Brooks.

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